Disability Toll Exemption Scheme

What is the DTES Scheme?​

The Disability Toll Exemption Scheme was set up by TII in 2019 to allow Disability Modified Vehicles to be exempt from tolling charges on Irish toll roads. From February 2020, a registered disability modified vehicle will not be liable to pay toll charges at any toll plaza nationwide.

How it works

For vehicles that qualify for the scheme, a disc will be provided to be mounted on the drivers side of the vehicle windscreen. When a DTES registered vehicle approaches the toll plaza, the DTES disc and/or Licence Plate Number will be verified and the vehicle will be given free passage through the toll plaza. Please note there can be minor operational differences across the various toll plaza.

Here is a short guide of what you should expect at a toll plaza.

How do I register?

It’s so easy to register your vehicle for the scheme filling in the online application form. Once your vehicle has been verified and approved, we will issue you with your disc. The disc will be delivered within 3 working days to your nominated postal address. The disc will be valid for two years from the date of registration.

Eligibility for the scheme

Eligibility for the scheme is clarified by the motorist having a certified disability modified vehicle.

Scheme Rules

A disc will be valid for a 2 year period, after such time a new disc will have to be issued. The disc must remain in the registered vehicle at all times.

Operator Details

The DTES is carried out on behalf of TII by Easytrip Ireland. Easytrip have been operating in the Irish Tolling market for over 15 year and will provide excellent customer service and operations for the DTES.

Useful Links

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