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Disability Toll Exemption Scheme


The disability Toll Exemption Scheme was set up by TII in 2019 to allow Disability Modified Vehicles to be exempt from tolling charges on Irish toll roads. From February 2020, a DTES will not be liable to pay toll charges at any toll plaza nationwide.

Applying for the scheme is simple. You fill out our online registration form, download the form to post or call our local number 1800 11 55 00

You need your contact details, your vehicle registration number and vehicle registration certificate for validation that the vehicle qualifies for the scheme under Revenue and scheme rules.

Once your vehicle has been registered and approved, the vehicle will no longer be subject to charges at any toll plaza in Ireland.

On issuing the DTES Exemption Disc, it will be valid for a period of 2 years. Once expired, it will need to be renewed.

You can renew your disc online here or by calling 1800 11 55 00
In this event, you can fill out an appeal form online here or by calling 1800 11 55 00

The DTES Exemption Disc does not have any relationship or influence on road tax. Please contact the relevant authorities for clarity.

Under this scheme and once the vehicle has been registered and approved the vehicle will be exempt from paying toll charges. The vehicle is exempt not the individual.

If the car already has a DTES Disc in the windscreen then the registration to the scheme needs to be transferred to the new owners and the vehicle will be exempt until the existing disc expires. Otherwise the vehicle needs to be registered as stated above.

The disc is affixed to the windscreen and should not be removed. Each disc is specific to the vehicle registered and approved under the scheme and it will be invalidated if removed or tampered with. If damage occurs to the disc a new disc can be issued under the scheme to the same vehicle.

No, you must approach a toll booth where a member of staff will lift the barrier for you.

Any disability modified vehicle is now exempt from paying toll charges. Once a vehicle is registered and clarified as being eligible, a unique disc will be provided. The disc should be stuck to the vehicle windscreen and will be identified by a booth attendant at each toll plaza.

A disc is vehicle based. Every modified vehicle will need its own individual disc. If you have more than one vehicle each vehicle will need to be registered and approved and have a disc issued.

Once the DTES Exemption Disc has been issued the vehicle is exempt regardless of the driver of the vehicle.

You can close your account in writing to us by email customer care or you can call 1800 11 55 00

If you change your vehicle, the disc remains in the old vehicle and a new owner can register the disc or for a new disc as required. You would need to apply for a new disc in your new vehicle if required also.

All the below vehicle adaption companies all support DTES

1. OC Cars & Mobility Ltd.
Unit 1, Harris Park
Swords Road, Cloghran
Co.Dublin Eircode – K67V123
Contact: Tanya Bruen

2. Southern Mobility Solutions Ltd.
Waterfront Business Park
Little Island
Co. Cork

3. Donaghey Motors
Co. Donegal

4. Ken Carroll Adaptations
Co. Galway
Contact: Ken Carroll

5. L&M Conversions Ltd
Unit 51, Block D
Eastlink Business Park
Ballysimon Road, Limerick

6. Freedom Mobility
Co. Mayo
094 9542652 Ballinrobe office
087 7607879
091 483809 Galway office

7. Motability Ireland Ltd.
Unit 21, Ashbourne Industrial Estate
Co. Meath
Contact: Jonny

There are no toll charge for anyone displaying a valid disc.

Yes, your disc works on all toll roads.

The disc must be placed in the top right drivers side windscreen. This ensures toll booth operators can clearly see a valid disc when approaching the toll.

From 3rd February, 2020 the exemption disc will replace all exemption cards. Cards will not be renewed after this date. You will need to register for a disc with the relevant information outlined above.

Yes. In order for the toll operator to validate the disc a visual inspection may be required, so a disc should be in place in the registered vehicle at all times.

No. The disc only applies to Irish toll roads.

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