Disability Toll Exemption Scheme

Removing toll charges for modified disability vehicles.

Toll Exemption Scheme

As of February 2020, any approved disability-modified vehicle shall now be exempt from having to pay the toll charges while travelling on any Irish motorway.
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How it Works?

Qualifying vehicles receive a disc for the driver's side windscreen. At toll plazas, DTES discs and plates are verified for free passage. Note minor operational differences across plazas.

DTES Application Form

Disabled Drivers: Guidelines for toll plaza barrier.

Disability toll disk exemption

How can I check if my vehicle qualifies for the Disability Toll Exemption Scheme?

Simply use our DTES Application Form to clarify if your vehicle qualifies for the toll exemption scheme. Enter your details including your vehicle registration number. We may ask you to provide the vehicle registration cert or other documents for further clarity.

Removing toll charges for modified disability vehicles. On behalf of Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Applicable Rules
Only registered modified disability vehicles will qualify.
Discs are non-transferable and apply to the registered vehicle only.

Useful Links

A selection of partners and supports.

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