Using Your Disc

The following steps outline the strict placement guidelines when applying your new disability disc to your vehicle windscreen.

Step 1

Remove the disc from the A4 page tearing along the perforated edges.

dtes disc setup step 1
Step 2

Make sure the area of your windscreen you are going to stick the disc to is clean.

dtes disc setup step 2
Step 3

Before peeling away the adhesive film, hold the disc up to the area on the windscreen on the driver’s side you wish to stick it to ensure it fits and won’t block any visibility.

dtes disc setup step 3
Step 4

Once happy with positioning, remove the adhesive film and stick the disc to the windscreen with the coloured side facing outwards. The info side should be facing the driver.

dtes disc setup step 4
Step 5

That’s it, you are all done. Please remember that if a disc is removed from the windscreen is it automatically made void.

dtes disc setup step 5
Useful Links

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